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Mayflower Mountain Resort

Extell Development Company publicly announced this week their master plan for the Mayflower Mountain Resort. Extell owns 5,600 acres located west of SkyRidge and adjacent to Deer Valley Resort.

This new Resort Village will be accessed from U.S. Highway 40 at the Mayflower exit 8 and will include 1,520 residential units, three hotels with 825 rooms and commercial units, 600 skier parking spaces, 95,000 square feet for workforce housing, and plans for a 68,000-square-foot recreation center that will be open to the public.

Initial ground clearing and road excavation has already started. Groundbreaking is scheduled to begin next spring for the MIDA hotel and convention center. Mayflower Mountain Resort is currently scheduled to open in the winter of 2021-2022.

Extell has also restructured the terms for the land they lease to Deer Valley Resort and extended the term to 199-years. This long-term land lease ensures an ongoing relationship between Extell and Deer Valley Resort.